Saturday, May 19, 2012


It has already been 9 months since we returned to Cambodia in August 2011. The road is still tough and rough, but its been an interesting journey and adventure that brought many surprises. This blog has not been updated for quite sometime; and our post in October last year 'To the Unknown Horizons' has been reverted to draft and recently re-published.

We thank the Lord for carrying us though the deep waters and sparing us from drowning in the rough ocean waves. We thank those people who have not abandoned us! Lately, friends visited and told us, "We came to let you know that we have not abandoned you." Such words brought tears to our eyes. Friends in times like these are rare. We thank also for the new friends we've met lately. 

In October last year, a pastor, one of our former students sent us money to buy one sack of rice. We did, and it lasted for almost 4 months. We are amazed by the generosity of the Cambodian people. They gave cash and in-kinds. They offer free ride and free lunch or dinner. What an amazing adventure with people who are faithful and generous!
In November, the New Generation Church was started. We meet at the New Generation Dorm, that houses 18 university students. Sry Roath and Cheta are leading managing the dorm as well as the church. Thanks to Kentwood Community Church (KCC) that are currently supporting the university project.

On the second week of November 2011, Khmer Community Church (KCC) was established, and had our first pastors meeting in January 2012. 

In March 2012, Dr. Keith Ritchie, Rev. Keith Nash, and pastor Aaron Nash, visited Cambodia and did leadership seminar in several provinces. The team also did a seminar with us at KCC. We had a great time with them, praying and learning leadership principles.

At the end of the seminar, the Khmer Community Church elected its new sets of officers. Greg is part of the board and he will work closely withe newly elected officer and also travel to churches and do training.

This April, Greg along with his Singaporean friend started an English congregation that believes in market place ministry.

Indeed, these are new beginnings that will paved the way for greater adventures in faith.